Is it Appreciated?

As a wife and mother today, I am here doing laundry, vacuuming the floor and other domesticated things all the while looking longingly at my guitar and thinking of the songs I need learn for my band, all the songs I want to learn and all the songs I want to write. Not to mention the quilts I have committed myself to make. I got to thinking about how my husband always tells me that he appreciates the things I do, the dinners I make, how I take care of my babies but it’s not very often that he mentions his appreciation or admiration for music and the things that really make up the individual person that I am. I know that it’s not because he doesn’t admire those things in me and it goes both ways with his interests outside family and work as well. In the chaos of everyday life we have lost the importance of our individuality outside of our daily responsibilities.

How can I remedy this or atleast lesson the blow to my inner musician? I can start by valuing myself more, by accepting less will get done of the laundry and dishes and by requesting more encouragement from my husband as well as giving it in return.

I need to create!

Music Video “Stranger” by Ruth Ann Sharp

Published by Ruth Ann Sharp

Life is too short not to realize and live your passion. I work to balance and celebrate my whole self and support others in their journey as well

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