The Sugar Junky Makes A New Friend

I LOVE SUGAR!  I think about it day and night.  I want Donuts for breakfast, Nutella/Fluff Croissant for lunch, licorice for an afternoon snack and Cupcakes for dessert after dinner.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful!  The problem is my energy levels are ALL OVER THE PLACE, not to mention the havoc it probably wreaking on myContinue reading “The Sugar Junky Makes A New Friend”

Posting just to get in the habit of posting

I am still trying to get the hang of WordPress and work blogging into my already packed schedule. This week I have been busy extremely busy. Monday was spent baking healthy treats that I quickly put to the side and ate Oreos instead. Coby has had pink eye and a stomach bug. Samara has hadContinue reading “Posting just to get in the habit of posting”