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Recent Causes

  • Gaining Steam
    My band project is picking up steam. We call ourselves MotherWild and have a collection of 8 songs that we can perform with another 4 on the way. We have played live 3 times together with the fourth coming this week. Sometimes I feel extremely insecure and other times I feel very accomplished. I hopeContinue reading “Gaining Steam”
  • Learning
    It is so frustrating for me to not be able to “just do” what I want to do. My band is still learning songs and practicing in preparation for live performance. My main frustration is the amount of time it takes me to learn a song. I keep thinking there has to be some trickContinue reading “Learning”
  • The Sugar Junky Makes A New Friend
    I LOVE SUGAR!  I think about it day and night.  I want Donuts for breakfast, Nutella/Fluff Croissant for lunch, licorice for an afternoon snack and Cupcakes for dessert after dinner.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful!  The problem is my energy levels are ALL OVER THE PLACE, not to mention the havoc it probably wreaking on myContinue reading “The Sugar Junky Makes A New Friend”

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